Hellcat 50th Anniversary Replica Wheel Fitment

Video Summary 

Join our fitment specialist Jason as he discusses our FR 66F Dodge Anniversary Flow Form Replica Wheels. If fitment, size, applications and finishes available were questions on your list, we got you covered. In this video we discuss fitments for Dodge Challengers, Chargers, 300C’s and older Dodge Magnums, as well as going over vehicle specific tire fitments.

Video Transcript

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Hello Factory family, Jason here with Factory Reproductions coming back to you again on the new wheel segment.

So the style FR66 Hellcat Widebody 50th Anniversary wheel comes in three different sizes. They’re coming 20×9.5, 20×10.5 and 20×11’s, for the wide bodies and standard body vehicles.

Flow Form

Now, these bad boys are flow forged. Flow forged, flow formed, there’s several different words out there for it, you know everybody has their own, we call it flow formed. We actually take the wheel, it’s cast and they’re able to flow the barrels out to get wider widths on those 9.5, 10.5 and 11’s. Matter of fact, you can actually check out a video or segment on our website home page “flow form” there’s its own segment up there. Take a look at that and it shows exactly how these are done. https://factoryreproductions.com/flow-form/


We have four different finishes in the standard bodies 20×9.5 and 20×10.5. There’s gloss black, satin black and bronze. On the 20×11 for the wide body, we have chrome. A chrome version those guys you know like that Chrome pop real good on the cars for several on our website.

Take a look at all the images on there, but the wide body comes in gloss black along with satin black, bronze and chrome. So, once again take a look at our website, you can see all the different colors. There are also pictures of vehicles with these wheels on there at the bottom of the actual page of this particular wheel.


So our FR66 will fit on the standard body vehicles. You can go 20×9.5 all the way around.  20×9.5 weighs 23 pounds. That’s really light, so if you’re upgrading from your 18 inch wheels and tires, putting a little bit a wider tire on there, it’s not going to cause a big problem with the weight distribution. Then again, we also do staggered sizes for the standard bodies. You do the 9.5 in the front, 10.5 in the rear. 10.5 is about 24 pounds, so you’re putting wider tires in the rear, getting more traction, lighter weight. It works out in the long run to get the traction that you need on those vehicles.

We also do this for the wide body wheels. 20×11’s. Nice, fat, wide body; put those on wide bodies all day long – wide body kits, also. You do have to do a little bit of trimming if you want to run the 305 or 315 tires on those, on the wide body kits, but that’s on a whole different level. You can call for information on that.

Tire Sizes

Again, with the standard body and we’re doing the tire sizing you could do 20×9.5 with the 275/40/20 inch all the way all the way around or you can do the staggered 20×9.5, 20×10.5 with the 275 and 315. People that are scared of the 315 in the back can go with the 305/35/20 also. It’s up to you what you want to run.

Wide bodies, you can go with the 315 all the way around. The car comes with the 305, but a lot of people like to put that 315 tire in there, to get a little bit more traction for you. So, the 20×9.5 and 20×10.5 will go on the standard body vehicles. They come with the offset of 15 up front and 22 in the rear. That’ll get you flush with the fenders, they’re not going to stick outside the fenders.

These also fit not only the Charger and Challengers, but 300 C’s, along with the older magnums too, so you can get that size in there. Now the wide bodies are 20×11’s. They have a -2.5 backspace. That’s two and a half inch, negative backspacing on the 20×11’s to fit for the wide bodies with those fat fenders on there.

All right, for more questions you can reach me at jason@factoryreproductions.com or the phone number below, any other salesman out here can help you out. Also, don’t forget to follow us at all of our other socials at @factoryreproductions. This is Jason signing off. Remember, Factory Reproductions making you fall in love with your ride all over again.