Dodge Widebody Replica Fitment

Dodge Widebody Replica Fitment

Video Summary 

Join our fitment specialist Jason as he discusses our FR 74 Dodge Widebody Replica Wheels. If finish, fitment, size and vehicle applications were questions on your list, he has you covered. In this video he’ll discuss fitments for Standard and Widebody vehicle applications and provide insight and recommendations for common tire sizes needed.

Video Transcript

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Hello Factory family, welcome back. Jason here with Factory Reproductions, bringing you today the Widebody FR74 wheel.


The FR74 original widebody wheel, we made in a 20×10.5 and a -9 offset to fit with those big, fat, wide fenders. We’re bringing these in four different colors. We’re doing these in chrome, we’re doing these gloss black, satin black and bronze. Now with those, we actually can get the 315/35 tires put on these bad boys, which which stock car comes with 305/35. You all know, a little bit wider is a little bit faster.

Standard Body

Along with the widebody fitment, we’re also bringing in standard bodies. So what we’re building is these bad boys 20×9.5 and 20×10.5 and fit on the standard body vehicles. With the standard body, you can run in the 20×9.5 all the way around on there with the 275/40/20 inch tires or you can stagger it with 20×9.5, 20×10.5 with the 290, excuse me 275/40/20 and a 305 or 315/30/20 inch tire. So the standard body vehicles that these will fit on, are the Chargers. All the Chargers except widebodies, obviously, that’s the widebody fitment, so we’re talking about the standard bodies right now.

Standard body fitments are going to be Chargers, Challengers, Magnums and 300 C’s. The colors that we’re bringing in for these, are going to be the gloss black, satin black and bronze. No chrome in those. We have other styles if you want some chrome.

Tire and Wheel Packages

So the tire and wheel packages that we’re doing, we’re doing them for the widebody and standard bodies. Widebodies are the 315/35/20s that we talked about. Standard bodies 275/40s and 315/35/20s. Tire packages that we’re doing, we’re mainly stocking Atturo AZ850s, Nitto triple five G2s and the Cooper Xenon.We can get pretty much any tire that you want, if it’s in stock. Some tires are in stock, some aren’t here in California.

The tire packages range from anywhere from $1700 all the way up to $2800 depending on what you want to go with. We have plenty of stuff in stock, usually shipped out the same day, if not the next day. All of our tire and wheel packages come mounted and balanced, with tire pressure monitor sensors, and new lug nuts. Everything’s ready to slap on the car in your driveway and go. Black wheels do have the black wheel weights in the backside, so it matches up, so the wheel weights aren’t there waving at you.

Now with tire wheel packages for those people who’ve actually put a wide body kit on their standard vehicle. If you don’t cut the old fenders out, you’re gonna have to run a smaller tire. You’re gonna have to run a 305/30/20 inch tire so you don’t bottom out on the inner fender. We highly recommend cutting that fender, so you can put the widest tire, the 315/35/20s on there. But if not, you can still get this wheel on your wide body vehicle, aftermarket wide body vehicle with the 305/30/20 inch tire.

For any other questions, feel free to reach me directly at and this is plural. It does have an “s” at the end. Or you can call a phone number below and any salesman here can help you out and please don’t forget to follow us on all of our socials @factoryreproductions. Remember Factory Reproductions, making you fall in love with your ride all over again.