Hellcat Replica Wheel Fitment

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Join our fitment specialist, Jason VanOel, as he discusses our FR70 Hellcat Replica Wheel.  If fitment, size, applications and available finishes were questions on your list, we have answers for you. In this video we discuss fitments for Dodge Chargers, Dodge Challengers, Dodge Magnums, Chrysler 300C’s, Dodge Durangos, Jeeps and RAM trucks, as well as vehicle specific tire fitments.

Video Transcript

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Hello it’s Jason Factory Reproductions coming back to you this week with our FR 70s. Our FR 70 Hellcat replicas are made for multiple different vehicles. We’re talking the Mopar vehicles: the Chargers, Challengers, Magnums, 300c’s, along with the RAM trucks, Dodge Durangos and Jeeps.

Charger and Challenger Fitment

We make various sizes, whether you want to go staggered 20×9.5, 20×10.5 on the Charger/Challenger platforms, or if you want to do the Jeeps 20×9 all the way around, stagger them, up size to 20×10’s, downsize, you know 20×9’s all the way around on your SRT’s. It’s all up to you. Also, we make these for the Rams and five and six lugs, 20’s and 22’s and a couple different colors. For the Mopar LX platforms, we’re using the 20×9.5 and 20×10.5. The offset on the fronts are +15, which are really nice fitments.

It’s a little bit different than original equipment, it’s a little bit more aggressive, still fits beautifully. The rears are 20×10.5 with a +25mm offset. The best fitment tire size on those is a 275 in the front and 305/35/20 in the rear, just to give you a little bit extra clearance on the inner fender wall on the rear tires.

Finishes include Chrome, Gloss Black, Satin Black, this beautiful Bronze and Black Machine Face, which is a two-tone, gives you that, you know, dark pockets and with it still a nice shiny bright finish on the front.

Jeep and Durango Fitment

Now that brings us to the Jeep/Durango fitments. Those come 20×9’s all the way around on most of those Jeep/Durangos. Depends on actually what you have, you can do, you know, some of them have 18’s, but you could do 20×9’s all the way around on those vehicles, no problem, with the stock tires if they do have 20″ the 265/50/20’s. Those work beautifully.

You can even step up to a 275/50/20 and I’ve actually seen people go wild out there with 275/55/20’s to get you that meatier, taller stance. Just got to be careful on the wide turns on that one. In might rub, but they still look great and look real aggressive on the vehicles.

Also, you can do a 10 all the way around on most of those vehicles. You can go 20×10 and with the 20×10 you can do a 295/45/20 inch tire. Tens all the way around with either the 45 or the 50 offset, depending on which offset you put on there. Works beautifully on that vehicle no problem, turning radius no problem if you want to lower it, also.

So the Jeeps and Durangos are a great fit with that. Also, with the Jeeps and Durangos, you can put a 22 inch on there. Most of the time 22×9 it’s the best fitment on the Jeep Durangos. Some people like to push the 22×10’s. It’s getting a little aggressive on the Durangos with the tire selection out there, there’s not much. Jeeps are better fit with the 22×10. You could run a 285/40/22 inch tire all day long on that. It’s just up to you what you want to go with.

Now the finishes vary with the Jeeps and Durangos in the 20’s and 22’s. Definitely check out our website, factoryreproductions.com to make sure what’s available at this point in time.

Ram Trucks

Now this brings us to the RAM trucks. RAM trucks, from 2002 to 2018 came in a five lug, 5×5.5 – The newer Rams did come in a 6×5.5, affiliated like a Chevy bolt pattern or whatever, but they also still have the classic five bolt pattern too in those 18 to current vehicles at this point in time.

That being said, the tire sizing on these things, you can go 20 inch you can stay stock with the 275/55/20’s, which a lot of the older Rams did with the five lugs. The newer Rams went up to a little bit taller tire size at 275/60/20 with about 33″ overall height. It’s a little bit skinnier and narrow, so you can get that overall height, not as wide.

You could also go up to a 22 inch, we do a 22×10, so you can put a 305/40/22 inch tire on there. Some people put a 305/45/22 inch tire on there and people go crazy putting a 33/12.50/22 inch tire on there, to get that width there. You just got to do maybe a little bit of trimming on that. Depends on if you do a 2″ leveling kit up front or if you want to just keep it in stock and don’t care about it rubbing on a full u-turn not, a problem, you can go ahead and run that 33 by 12.50/22 inch tire.

Tire and Wheel Packages

So that wraps it up on our FR70’s fitments. Remember we also have a full line of tires, if you guys need a tire wheel package we mount and balance here. We’ll put the size you want, brand you want, tire pressure monitor sensors in there. You get these bad boys, good thing about the Mopar stuff, the sensors are automatically relearning. All you have to do is drive the vehicle for 10 minutes at over 40 miles an hour and the sensors relearn.

So we have a whole tire wheel program that we offer for these packages for the Mopar’s, with the you know, Challengers Chargers, Magnums, 300c’s, Jeeps, Durangos and Ram trucks. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach me at Jason@factoryreproductions.com or you can call up, phone number should be at the bottom. Call up any of our other salesmen who are more than happy to help. Thank you very much for watching! Make sure to follow or subscribe on all of our platforms.