Dodge Demon Wheel Fitment

Video Summary 

Join Factory Reproduction’s fitment specialist, Jason VanOel, as he discusses our FR73 Demon Replica Wheel.  If fitment, size and available finishes are questions on your list, we have you covered. We also discuss tire sizes and debunk a common misconception regarding the fitment of larger tires on your Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 300C models. 

Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Jason with Factory Reproductions coming to you about our FR73 Replica Demon wheel.

Our FR73 Demon Replica wheels are offered in 20×9.5 and 20×10.5, in four different colors. We have the gloss black that we’re showing here, satin black, bronze and chrome, to fit all the Chargers, Challengers, Magnums and 300c’s out there – RWD only. 

Tire Size and Fitment

The tire size that we’re running on these is 20×9.5 with a 275/40/20 inch tire. Staggered sizing on them is 20×9.5 and 20×10.5 with 275/40/20s or 315/35/20s, with the offset that does fit under the rear, no problem without any rubbing, along with the front. The 275/40/20 tires are stock on the SRT’s and a lot of the 392s. You can also run the 245/45/20s that do come stock on a lot of the standard Chargers, Challengers and 300C’s.

A lot of people out there are worried about the 315 fit in the rear because when the vehicle is in the air, the suspension sags and goes into negative camber so when they’re putting the wheels and tires on, it’s really close to those fenders. But guaranteed, we put these on several different vehicles without any rubbing issues. As long as it’s the stock height vehicle, you’ll have no problem going to put that bad boy back down on the ground. And that’s a wrap on the FR73 demon wheel. 

You can reach us at sales@factoryreproductions or look us up on all our social media @factoryreproductions. Once again I’m Jason, Factory Reproductions fitment specialist. You can reach us Monday through Friday 7-5, Saturdays 8-12:30. Pacific Standard Time. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions along with the rest of our sales team. Thank you very much for watching. Now, if there’s a factory replica wheel you want to know about please let us know and comment below.