Ford Bronco Raptor Wheel Fitment

Video Summary 

Join our fitment specialist, Jason VanOel, as he introduces our all new, FR 99 Ford Bronco Raptor Replica Wheel. This new wheel is available in 20×9 with a 6×135 and a 6×139.7 bolt pattern allowing fitment for: all Ford F150 and Ford Expedition models, the new Ford Bronco, 6th Gen Ford Rangers, all Chevy trucks and newer 6 lug RAM 1500 models.

Finishes include Gloss Black, Bronze with a Black Ring, Satin Black with a Carbon Gray Ring and Chrome. 

Video Transcript

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Welcome back to the Factory Reproductions wheel application hour or 10 minutes, whatever it’s going to be. Today, we’re going to be talking about the new FR 99 Bronco Raptor Replica Wheel. 


These FR 99s are coming in four different colors. They’re coming in an all gloss black, this beautiful bronze with a black satin ring, they’re also coming in a satin black with a gray ring and an all chrome wheel. 

All the colors will be coming in two different bolt circles. They’re coming in a 6×135.  We’re also bringing them in a 6×5.5 bolt circle for the Broncos and the 6th Gen Rangers. The 6×5.5 will also fit on all the Chevy truck stuff out there and the new six-lug Ram 1500s. 

Now, all the finishes that are available right now to order are Gloss Black, Bronze with the Satin Ring, the Black with the Gray Ring and the Chrome is to follow. As soon as you’ve probably seen this video or when the video is out, you’ll be able to order the Chrome. All those available are available in the 6×5.5 and the 6×135 applications. 

Thank you for watching! Once again, you can reach us at, reach me personally at – Reach out to us by calling or messaging, all the said information is below. Or you can reach us on social media at @factoryreproductions.