If you are anything like us, you are out and about on the weekends taking advantage of the beautiful weather and some free time. For some, it’s yard work, a weekend getaway, family time or a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some necessities for your home. For us, starting the morning off with a coffee is a must (we love coffee), perhaps snagging some breakfast along the way to get the motor running. Speaking of motor running, that brings us to our next love – cars.

How do we share our two loves, cars and coffee, on a gorgeous Southern California day? We decided to link up with our buddies at Detail Garage in Orange to co-host the first “Rides and Coffee” event of the year. Joined by over 10 car clubs with more than 75 vehicles, we enjoyed music, raffles, coffee, donuts and most importantly, great company.

Gathering with Fellow Enthusiasts

With communication becoming increasingly digital, it’s easy to build relationships with auto enthusiasts by messaging, tagging, comments and likes. One of our favorite things about hosting an event like Rides and Coffee, is the ability to put faces to the names and online profiles of the awesome people we chat with online.

Meeting up and conversing with the guys and gals you see on Instagram or Facebook enables you to connect, exchange ideas, and discuss our universal love for the auto industry. Whether it’s talk of new wheels, a vehicle wrap, accessories or performance upgrades, we love to hear about it. We’re grateful for each car club, members of those clubs, solo riders and supporters that showed up to the event.

Detail Garage

We’d like to thank and show our appreciation to Detail Garage in Orange for allowing us to co-host this event and for providing the highest quality car care products to all who attended. Detail Garage is the top destination for professional auto detailing supplies, car care, detailing equipment, and vehicle care accessories. Founded by passionate car enthusiasts and professional auto detailers, their goal is to provide the highest quality car care products in the market. If you haven’t stopped by the shop, be sure to check it out next time you’re in town and follow them on social media (@detailgarageorange) for promotions, know-how’s and to-do’s when taking care of your vehicle. Until next time!


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