An announcement on the Dodge Official website featuring long time brand ambassador and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg, has presented the opportunity of a lifetime for one lucky applicant. Applications for The Chief Donut Maker position will be accepted until 12pm EST on February 28, 2022. You won’t be rolling dough in a kitchen, if that’s what you’re thinking. The position includes a one year salary of $150,000, the company Dodge Hellcat, a chance to attend shows and events, mingle with celebrities and attend Radford Racing School. You’ll become a primetime influencer for Dodge and amass a huge following of auto enthusiasts along the way.


To apply for the position, you must submit an audition reel explaining what makes you the right fit and why. Dodge is looking for charismatic, passionate and creative contestants to fill the high-horsepower position. Throw on your thinking cap and show them what you’ve got! Judges will review all submissions and pick 10 contestants to go head to head with one another.  It will be styled in a gameshow-like contest asking situational hot seat questions. The winner will then be chosen and deemed the “Chief Donut Maker”. This seems like a year filled with fun and a great opportunity to shine, meet and make new friends. We’re excited to see it play out!

Mopar Community

We wholeheartedly support the Mopar community and are thrilled to see one lucky winner fulfill his/her dreams and land this position with Dodge. It’s exciting to witness a community that continues to grow and be presented with awesome opportunities such as Chief Donut Maker. It shows appreciation for the ones who support the brand and lifestyle that embody the American muscle spirit. Share your thoughts on our social media pages below, where we highlight many of the people whose lives are filled with all things Mopar and are proud owners and contributors to the ever-growing scene.