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The Safety Profile of a Replica Wheel – Not all Replica Wheels are Created Equally

When customers are trying to decide between purchasing OEM wheels and replica wheels, the question occasionally arises, “Are replica wheels safe?”. Like any manufactured item, that depends on the quality of the product which can range anywhere from awful to flawless. Because of the increased demand, more replica wheels have entered the market, and not all of them meet the same safety standards of an OEM wheel.

Do Your Research

Legitimate replica wheels are not “knockoff” wheels. They are authentic replacement parts which function like the original product. Reputable companies that produce replica wheels do so with sound engineering and rigorous testing, just like OEM wheels.  Oftentimes, the replica wheels are manufactured at the same factory, using the same exact equipment as the OEMs. 

However, be wary of “fly by night” wheel companies. Companies that produce “knockoff” or “fake” wheels are not obligated to perform any testing procedures.  They may skip many processes that proper wheel manufacturers implement to ensure safety, durability and performance at all times. This ultimately puts the safety of both vehicle and driver at risk. 

Therefore, when you are looking for aftermarket replica wheels, make sure you do your research and purchase from a dependable company that has a solid reputation in the wheel industry. In addition, look for a company that has a lifetime structural warranty on their replica wheels. If a guarantee is not offered, you want to question the commitment of the company to quality and safety. To be completely confident before you make your purchase, read the customer reviews of both the company and their wheels.

Factory Reproductions Puts Them to the Test

The United States requires standardized tests (SAEJ2530) which focus on the structural performance of a manufactured wheel. Factory Reproductions’ replica wheels are subjected to the equivalent testing procedures of traditional OEM wheels and the attention to detail is exceptional throughout the entire manufacturing process.

. The wheels are put through three specific assessments: 

  1.   Radial Fatigue Test which tests the overall wear and tear by simulating normal road driving
  2.   Cornering Test which simulates a high force turn to test the wheel’s effectiveness dealing with lateral loading
  3.   Side Impact Test which tests the wheel’s strength against possible pothole or curb impact

When Factory Reproductions’ wheels have achieved or exceeded these established metrics, they are considered structurally sound and safe for the consumer. Because these replica wheels are manufactured using the same standards and specifications as OEM wheels, you can also be certain that they will be safe for your vehicle as well. They will fit and perform the same as you would expect an original equipment wheel.

At Factory Reproductions, we believe safety is a critical factor in replica wheel selection. If you are looking for replica wheels, and you have any questions about safety, don’t hesitate to ask. Give us a call at (800) 824-2676 or get in touch with us through our website, and we’ll get back to you shortly.