Car Clubs: Finding Community Around A Shared Passion

For years, car clubs have provided a way to gather car enthusiasts with a common passion for a certain type of vehicle. Whether a car club is local, national, international or even virtual, they provide members with the opportunity to connect, collaborate, share and participate in a community of individuals with a similar interest.

Benefits of a Car Club

1. Social connection

For a lot of individuals, nothing feels better than belonging to a group of people that share a common interest. Car Clubs draw people together and through shared experiences, friendships are formed and bonds are created. Some groups are so cohesive, they consider themselves a “brotherhood” while others have a goal of “turning friends into family”.

2. Recreational activities

Events like local car shows and “meet ups” are a huge part of the car club culture. These gatherings allow people to network with other members and make local connections. They also provide an opportunity for members to show off their cars and discuss the detailed modifications they have made to their vehicles. Additionally, having fun with their cars is one of the most important elements of car club membership. Beyond the shows and meet ups, members gather together for the sheer joy of a “group cruise”.

3. Shared knowledge

Car clubs can provide valuable information that can be shared amongst its members. The group can be a place where you can offer or receive advice or even hands on assistance. Helpful tips and creative ideas can be exchanged regarding modifications, repairs, performance improvement, purchasing parts and even which local garages and mechanics are the best. Many car clubs have a facebook group where numerous resources are available to their members. Now with virtual car clubs, it is even possible to share information and collaborate with individuals in other countries.

4. Community outreach

Many car clubs have extended their outreach beyond their members and into their communities. Some even have mission statements that incorporate service as a primary goal. These car clubs tend to focus on monetary service by funding local charities, or physical service by gathering and donating food and daily necessities to the many groups within their geographic locale. Giving back to the community provides club members the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Car Club Spotlight: Our Ambassador Matt Machia’s Car Club

If you have a particular passion for Mopar vehicles, search on-line and you can find many car clubs that are dedicated specifically to the preservation, restoration, modification, and enjoyment of cars from the Chrysler Corporation. One such club is that of our ambassador’s Matt Machia. Mopar Unlimited Car Club, based in Connecticut, is available for people throughout New England and the Tri-State area to get together and enjoy their passion for Mopar vehicles.

Mopar Unlimited Car Club cruising down the boulevard

With over 400 current members, the club originally formed when Matt and Frank saw the incredible passion in their community for Mopars. It was evident at local car shows that these types of vehicles, both classic and modern, were drawing people together. Matt and Frank submitted their club name and logos to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) corporate attorneys asking for approval. After a four month wait, the Mopar Unlimited Car Club was officially launched with a facebook page and hand distributed club cards. Membership is free but In order to join, individuals must live in the Tri-state area and own a Mopar. You can find the club at local car shows, on their website or through their facebook group page .

Socially, the Mopar Unlimited Car Club connects through car cruises, car shows, and meet-ups and continually strives to maintain a family friendly environment. They are currently putting together their 3rd annual Mopar Madness at the Mohegan Sun Casino where multiple car clubs come together to show off their vehicles. In addition, they are collaborating with FCA Corporate on another show that will occur later in the year.

Mopar Unlimited Car Club Meet-up

Not only a social group but an informational network as well, Mopar Unlimited members consistently turn to each other for recommendations and advice about their vehicles. When looking to make modifications or increase performance many post questions on the club’s facebook group page where fellow club members will offer solutions. Meet-ups and car shows are also used to swap information about successes and failures revolving around their beloved Mopars.

As Mopar Unlimited grows in size, so does its desire for community outreach. The club is currently planning to move to non-profit status in order to increase its capability for charitable donation and service to those in need. Matt says part of the mission of the car club is “to give back and support the community”.

Connecting socially, having fun, exchanging information, and supporting the local community are all components of Matt’s car club that can be found in hundreds of clubs across the country. If you have a passion for a particular type of vehicle and want to share it with others, joining a car club might just be what you need.