Snowflake Replica Wheel Fitment

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Join our fitment specialist Jason as he discusses our FR 59 Snowflake Replica Wheels. If finish, fitment, size and vehicle applications were questions on your list, he has you covered. In this video we discuss sizing, available applications, tire recommendations and more.

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Hello Factory Family. Jason here with Factory Reproductions coming back to you with a new segment all about our FR 59 Snowflake wheels.

These FR 59’s are one of the most popular GM, Chevy, GMC truck wheels out there on the market.These come in several different sizes. They come in 20×9, 22×9, 24×10 and 26×10 and we do have several different finishes in those. We have the Chrome, Gloss Black, Black Machine Face as you can see here and we have a Silver Machine Face. Probably, the Chrome and Silver Machine Face are the most popular, but you can’t count out Black or Black Machine Face ever.

Now, all these wheels will fit on your Chevy’s, Tahoe’s, Silverado’s, Suburban’s, Avalanche’s. Then they also fit on the Sierra’s, Yukon’s, Denali’s and they also fit on the Escalades, you know the EXT’s/ESV’s, all the Escalades out there will fit.

Newer style, with the larger caliper, which in the Chevy truck stuff started in 2019. The Tahoe’s, Yukons and Escalades and stuff started in 2021. They clear all the calipers, you know from 2007, let’s go with 2007 on up. There’s some of the older models that it will fit from 99 on up, gotta play with the tire size make sure that you know that if lowered or lifted or whatever that it will still fit.

Now standard tire sizes, let’s start with 20″. 20″ most standard tire size is going to be 275/55/20. That will fit on your stock. Some lowered, slightly lowered 2/4 drop, something like that. Those will still fit. So if you want to go larger, you can actually go larger 33’s/35’s if you lift your truck. But that has to be done with a lifted truck.

22’s. 22’s start 285/45/22’s. Same thing, if its lowered 2/4 it will be the same fitment, if you drop it any further than that you’ll want to play with the tire size you may want to go to a 285/40/22, even 285/35/22, something of that nature. 24’s.

24’s have a couple different size tires. 24’s stock on that will usually run 295/35/24, a lot of people run the 305/35/24, its a little bit taller tire, a little bit more cushiony on the sidewall and everything cause you’re going 24″. Or you can go with the 285/40/24, there’s not a lot out there on the market, but there are some available. There are also 33 and 35 inch tall tires in 24, there’s even some 37s from what I heard. We don’t personally do the 37s on that stuff but they’re out there and available.

26″, 295/30/26 is the best fitment out there. There is some all-terrain tires too, out there. I know Atturo has a 35″ tall all-terrain tire for these and there’s other stuff on the market that a lot of people are doing so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you out on that one with the tire sizes as well.

That wraps this session up for us. You can reach me at – also, call the number below. Any of the salesmen here can help you out.

ALSO, this week is SEMA. You can go check us out at booth #46027 all week through Friday 11/3. Jason here, remember.. Factory Reproductions making you fall in love with your ride all over again.