How to Find and Measure a Bolt Pattern

Vehicle Bolt Pattern – The bolt pattern of a wheel or vehicle is also referred to as the PCD, meaning “Pitch Circle Diameter” or more commonly, the “Bolt Circle”. The two components of a bolt pattern on a vehicle refer to the centerline measurement of the wheel studs on the mounting hub of your vehicle, as well as the number of wheel studs. Your PCD determines the number and position of the bolt holes on a wheel that line up with the studs when being mounted onto the hub. Given the diameter of the vehicle’s bolt pattern, you will be able to determine which wheels will and will not be a match for your vehicle.


Finding Your Measurement – A common bolt pattern ranges anywhere from a 4 to an 8 lug on most vehicles these days. A bolt circle of 6×139.7 would indicate a 6-lug pattern in a circle with a diameter of 139.7mm. There are a few variations of measuring a bolt pattern. A measuring tape is always a handy choice, but we recommend using a Bolt Pattern Measuring Tool to get the most accurate measurement. If your vehicle is equipped with an even number of studs, measure from the center of one wheel stud to the center of the opposing wheel stud. When measuring a 5-lug vehicle, measure from the center of one stud to the outside of the farthest stud to calculate your measurement. 


Millimeters or Inches? – Figuring out your vehicle’s bolt pattern can be confusing for some. A common question asked is “Will these 5×114.3 fit on my vehicle if the bolt pattern is 5×4.5?” or “Why does this wheel description say 5×139.7, but my vehicle requires 5×5?” The short answer is yes and there is a quick explanation for the unit differences being used in the description: millimeters vs. inches. The metric unit is the most commonly used term to describe a bolt pattern, although some may provide the measurement in inches. In earlier years, the US provided the measurements in inches for classic cars and still do so today for some of the newer cars and trucks. Conversion charts and information are readily available online or by calling your local shop.

Fitment Assurance- Understanding your bolt pattern may be the first step in your journey of outfitting your vehicle with some new wheels. We’d like to remind you that there are a number of other factors that go into wheel fitment and sizing other than your bolt pattern. Tire size, wheel size, offset and backspacing are all incredibly important things to be aware of in order to achieve proper fitment of a wheel onto your vehicle. Check with a fitment specialist, research online, or call a local shop to get accurate details about the fitment for the wheels being purchased and installed on your vehicle.

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