GMC Denali 12 Spoke Replica Fitment

GMC Denali Replica Wheel Fitment

Video Summary 

Join our fitment specialist Jason as he discusses our FR 203 GMC Denali 12 Spoke Replica Wheels. If finish, fitment, size and vehicle applications were questions on your list, he has you covered. In this video we discuss sizing, available applications, tire recommendations and more.

Video Transcript

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Hello Factory family. Welcome back to Factory Reproductions’ YouTube channel.

Today we’re going to be talking about the FR 203. So this 203, This is actually a GMC Denali wheel, but this will look great on all the Cadillac Escalades, the Silverado’s, Tahoe, Suburban’s, Avalanches and the Sierra.

These are all 6×5.5 with a 28mm offset and come in several different colors and sizes. So this new 203 comes in 22’s and 24 inch. 22×9 with a 28 mm offset, 24×10 with a 31mm offset. They all come in Chrome, Gloss Black and Gray Machine Face.

These all fit on the newer body style vehicles. Fitment is actually from 2007 all the way up to current. The older body styles go from 2007 to 2018 on some models and start in 2021 on other models.

Now with the 22″, you want to run the 285/45/22’s on those older body styles I mentioned, up to 2018-2020. Then you want to run a 295/35/24 on 24″ for the older bodies. The newer body style has a little bit taller tire, can go you know about 33″ tall. New body style from 2018 to current on most vehicles, you’re looking at a 275/50/22 and you can actually get a 305/35/24 on the 24″. Also, 285/40/24, there’s not a lot of sizes out there, or a lot of manufacturers out there for those sizes, but that’s available out there on the market, also.

I did rattle off a lot of information, so if you guys have any questions, feel free to reach me at – reproductions is plural, has the “s” at the end. Or, you can message anybody here at Factory Reproductions orders at Factory Reproductions, no problem.

Once again, the phone number will be at the bottom. They’ll snap it in or something like that, put it at the bottom of this video and you can call in at any time, anybody will be able to help you with the questions that you have. Thank you very much for watching our video. This is our new 203. Remember.. Factory Reproductions, making you fall in love with your ride all over again.