Dodge LX Viper Replica Fitment

Video Summary 

Join our fitment specialist Jason as he discusses our FR 64 LX Viper Replica Wheels. If finish, fitment, size and vehicle applications were questions on your list, he has you covered. In this video we discuss fitments for Dodge Chargers, Challengers, 300C’s and Magnums, as well as going over vehicle specific tire fitments to suit your style.

Video Transcript

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Hello Factory family! Welcome back to a new wheel segment. Today we’re going to be talking about the FR64.

All Wheel Drive 

This is one of our oldest wheels that got us into the Mopar Market. The FR64 is one of our only wheels we built for an all-wheel drive Charger, Challenger, 300C. So, we actually build these in a 20×8.5 with the 47 mm offset in Gloss Black and Satin Black, where you can use 245/45/20 inch tire or 275/40/20 inch tire all the way around on that all-wheel drive.

Standard Vehicle 

For your standard vehicles; Chargers Challengers, Magnums and 300c’s, we do have the 20×9 with Black Machine Face, Gloss Black, Satin Black and we have them staggered 20×9, 20×10. Colors in those are only 20 are excuse me only Gloss Black and Satin Blacks. We can also, on those standard bodies, tire size what we’re running is it 275/40 all the way around with a 20×9.5 or you can go with the 245/45 or 275/40. If you want it a little bit wider, you can go with the 255/45/20 up front and a 295/40/20 in the rear. That gives you that fat rear end that everybody’s looking for in one.

We’re also doing these Viper wheels and a 22×9 Gloss Black, Satin Black to fit on all the Charger, Challengers, Magnum and 300C’s. You could run a 265/35/22 inch tire on those bad boys. There is a bolt on the upper control arm that you have to slice off. Most people know where that’s at and how to do that. If not, you can message me –, I can send you a photo of where that bolt is to cut. It’s a simple task, everybody does it.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please drop a line below. You can reach me at that is reproductions, it is plural with an “s” at the end. Or, you can call the phone number below. Me or any other salesman can help you out.

This is Jason signing off. Factory Reproductions. Making you fall in love with your ride all over again.