Factory Reproductions: All Charger Challenge

The winner of the 2021 Factory Reproductions “All Charger Challenge” is Alex S, known on Instagram as @alexs_premier_autodetailing. His 2019 Dodge Charger Scat Pack made it through four battle rounds, claiming the title of Best Charger of 2021 by Factory Reproductions. He’s riding on our FR73 Demon Replica wheels in Gloss Black, with a staggered fitment of […]

Multi Piece Wheels vs. Single Piece Wheels

If you’re familiar with our wheels then you know all about our single piece wheels, but if you’re new to the scene and are confused by the title of this article, you might be asking yourself, what are multi piece wheels? Aren’t all wheels made in a single piece? Well, yes, but also, no. At […]

Factory Reproductions: All Challenger Challenge

The winner of our 2021 All Challenger Challenge is none other than @redline_outlaw_392. With his loyal fan base of 121k followers, he claimed the title of Best Challenger 2021 for Factory Reproductions in the month of August. Besides being an ambassador for Factory Reproductions, his sponsors include Nitto tires, Glassskinz, AWE tuning and Luxe Auto Concepts. Be […]

Lighter Weight Wheels: They Can Make a Difference

When considering a new set of wheels for your vehicle, car enthusiasts want a set of wheels that stand out. Often, aftermarket alloy wheels are the solution to the standard stock wheel and are available in an array of finishes and designs. While upgrading the exterior appearance might satisfy most, many consumers wanting to enhance […]

Flow Form Manufacturing

Strength, Lightweight and More Options When determining what manufacturing process to use for our line of Factory Reproductions Wheels, three important factors were considered: weight, strength and options. It was also imperative that we create a wheel line that offers more options than the standard OEM width and offsets, allowing for personal expression of style. […]

The IROC-Z Legacy

It all began in 1973.  The first ever International Race of Champions (IROC) was held at the Riverside International Raceway in Riverside California.  The best of best from IRL, NASCAR, World of Outlaws…met here to compete and show off their driving skills in the IROC Championship, all driving a universal competition vehicle, a Porsche Carerra […]

Mopar: A Brief History

The term Mopar is synonymous with muscle and power. Car enthusiasts have adopted the word Mopar to describe their Chrysler built vehicles and related products. Mopar or No Car If you are a lucky owner of a Chrysler or Chrysler subsidiary built muscle car, you are likely familiar with this phrase. Maybe you don’t own […]